Bitcoin was invented in 2008 as a peer to peer electronic cash system. Several years later, the development of BTC was hijacked, and its scalability roadmap was changed, so that it would operate as a settlement network, rather than a cash-like network. In 2017, a large community base with a group of developers sought to hard-fork (a method upgrading a development project) the Bitcoin blockchain, and restore the original vision of Bitcoin as electronic Cash. This restoration of Bitcoin, is known as BitcoinCash. There are many benefits that Bitcoin Cash today has over Bitcoin. The transaction throughput for Bitcoin today is limited to 3 transactions per second. BitcoinCash has significantly more capacity, and can work much faster than its hijacked, now distant cousin. 

Why was Bitcoin hijacked?

It's a good question, but even today, there is a concerted effort to undermine Bitcoin Cash also. Some lessons have been learnt however, and with a decentralized development team environment, no longer can a single, responsible team be hijacked in the same way. No single team controls the repository. There are many competing clients, all with a vision to scale Bitcoin as Cash.

The invention of Bitcoin rattled the cage. It is by all means a "disruptive innovation", which has created a new network of value, while disrupting the existing market - and that being, the financial market. This creates enemies within the market. Bitcoin's decentralized nature, meant that it could not be governed, attacked, nor shut down. The only avenue to take over was through a take-over of both the development of the project, and the main communication channels. With heavy censorship, and the departure of Satoshi leaving a power vacuum, the takeover was complete.

Bitcoin is back in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

Today we can enjoy the speed, freedom and scalability of the original implementation once again.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

  • Payments can be made globally faster than VISA.
  • Borderless payments with no noticeable fee (sub-cent fee per transaction)
  • Built on the most secure blockchain technology.
  • The original Bitcoin project revived - Bitcoin as Cash.
  • A true electronic form of peer to peer currency.
  • Trustless - No intermediary, no middle-man, no third party.

Bitcoin Cash Australia

Bitcoin Cash Australia is a business that seeks to advance and promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Australia and beyond. Bitcoin Cash Australia does not sell any products, and does not seek to profit off of any solutions or developments. BCA believes in the technology and believes in the financial freedom that BitcoinCash can provide Australia and the world.